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Our Story

Back in 1992 we were inspired by the garden of eden bible story, where natural harmony and beauty are described. (Vision)


Later in 1999 we heard that we could meet our needs by minimising the exploitation & killing of other animals. (Veganism)

At that time we started exploring the healing potential of the human body, by learning naturopathic practices, studying them on a scientific academic level,(Osteopathy, Chinese acupuncture & Nutritional therapy)

10 years later we heard the concept of not burning and altering the chemical structure of the food. Instead eating it in its most vibrant potent raw state (Raw veganism)

Same time we understood the benefit of retaining the reproductive fluids, while recycling recycling them in the body. We started developing human connections accordingly (Platonic friendships & conscious procreation)

In 2014 we discovered the fruitarian diet and the role of fruit biologically, finally answering the question "what is food?". (Fruitarianism & Natural laws)

At that time we discovered the importance of movement & stretching (Yoga), calorie restriction and the power of water, dry & intermittent food abstinence as a biological state in which the human body can rest & heal. (Fasting)

In 2016, it was time to be introduced to the circadian rhythms & body clock and their effect on hormones & gene expression. (Chronobiology)

Relocating to the tropics became a necessity in 2019. 

Here at the Amazon tropical rainforest of Ecuador all the above concepts, knowledge and 23 year experience came to synergy, leading to the creation of the Fruitarian Eutopia center.

Vision & Mission

Image by Elia Pellegrini

We envision a society here on earth, where raw fruits become the food for humans, where clear, accurate & empathic communication becomes inherent, where platonic friendships become abundant, where conception & procreation will be truly & consciously celebrated, where natural laws & biology are truly understood, where knowledge expands, where natural environment, plants & animals learn to coexist symbiotically, where the phenomenon & gift of life becomes valued, where health & happiness will be expressed.

For the above to happen we think, individuals with similar vision will benefit to experience & eventually relocate to the tropics, eat fruits, live in minimalism, be part of nature, plant & take care of fruit trees & form a network of multiple cooperating communities & projects to manifest this vision.

Our mission is to be of servitude to other human beings, who are truly interested to maximise their potential. Individuals who value health, purity, sobriety & happiness, who seek to raise their consciousness & want to shape positively the future of our planet in order to welcome & celebrate the generations to come. 

Last updated on February 26, 2024

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