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We are welcoming raw vegans & fruitarians who like to live & experience the raw fruitarian diet & natural lifestyle, while respecting our core values. We offer the option of volunteer work exchange, detailed below,

There is also the option to rent a room or tent without any volunteer work exchange.

This provides a place to sleep (room or camping space), usage of the communal spaces (kitchen, shower, compost toilet, dinning area, activities area, stone stream pool), facilities, electricity & wifi internet.

Volunteer tasks

  • Weeding the fruit forest.

  • Chopping & mulching trees

  • Fertilising plants

  • Planting and transplanting trees

  • Performing root cuttings, air-layering, grafting

  • Pruning fruit trees

  • Cleaning of communal living spaces

  • Managing kitchen & toilet compost

  • Maintaining and upgrading facilities, construction, trails, tools, etc

  • Providing educational educational workshops & naturopathic sessions.


It is necessary to read fully & understand this website.

The minimum stay is 4 weeks & maximum stay usually 6 months.

*Exceptional fitting individuals with our values, might invited to stay long term.

For the volunteers the rooms are subject to availability. During the volunteering time, you might be asked to change & move from a room to a tent at the camping site.

Before visiting as volunteer, is required to:

  • 1.  have been following a vegan diet (no meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, seafood,insects & honey) for at least 1 year consecutively.

  • 2. have been following a fully (100%) raw vegan diet (nothing cooked) for at least 3 months consecutively.

    * Reason for the above requirements is for someone's body, microbiome, mind & emotions to have adapted, in order to follow smoother, the 100% fruitarian diet, during their stay.


  • 3. To fill out our application form. All applications will be reviewed,

 If invited it is required to provide a flight ticket confirmation to us

within 7 days to secure your booking.

Expect a few days, for a reply. If you don't receive a reply back, feel free to email us to check the status of your application.

Last updated on May 26, 2024

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