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Fruit & Fasting Retreats

We offer personalised supervised healing & detox retreats using a combination of fruit eating, sort-term fasting, naturopathic & natural hygiene practices. circadian rhythms & natural laws. 
These retreats focus  also on retraining the microbiome to be able to adapt

and stay on a 100% raw & fruit based diet long term.

To reserve & join one of the following retreats you are required to:

  • have been following a vegan diet (no meat, eggs, milk, cheese, seafood & honey) for at least 1 year.

  • have already been eating plenty of raw fruit & vegetables in your diet.

  • To fill the application questionnaire.

Last updated on March 26, 2023


Amanda Wolgermuth, USA

"Attending the 30 Day Fruitarian and Fasting Retreat was an incredible catalyst for attracting positivity into my life. As my senses became clear, and distractions melted away, I was able to rediscover my passions and my authentic self emerged. I was able to embrace change and new information in ways that I'd only ever imagined. This experience has been life altering, and for that I will be forever grateful. Between the consistent energy and connectedness I've felt during my time here, I simply couldn't recommend it highly enough!"

01st January 2023

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