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Fruit & Fasting Retreat

We offer personalised supervised retreats using a combination of raw fruit eating, short-term fasting, naturopathic & natural hygiene practices. circadian rhythms & natural laws. 
These retreats focus on wellbeing and training on

 a raw fruitarian diet long term.

To reserve & join one of the following retreats you are required to:

  • 1.  have been following a vegan diet (no meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, seafood,insects & honey) for at least 1 year consecutively.

  • 2. have been following a fully (100%) raw vegan diet (nothing cooked) for at least 3 months consecutively.

    * Reason for the above requirements is for someone's body, microbiome, mind & emotions to have adapted, in order to follow smoother, the 100% fruitarian diet, during their stay.


  • 3. To fill out our application form. All applications will be reviewed,

 If invited it is required to provide a flight ticket confirmation to us

within 7 days to secure your booking.

Expect a few days, for a reply. If you don't receive a reply back, feel free to email us to check the status of your application


(We do not host 22 or 30 day F&F retreats in the month of January as we are usually occupied with the Amazon Fruit Festival)


Amanda Wolgermuth, USA

"Attending the 30 Day Fruitarian and Fasting Retreat was an incredible catalyst for attracting positivity into my life. As my senses became clear, and distractions melted away, I was able to rediscover my passions and my authentic self emerged. I was able to embrace change and new information in ways that I'd only ever imagined. This experience has been life altering, and for that I will be forever grateful. Between the consistent energy and connectedness I've felt during my time here, I simply couldn't recommend it highly enough!"

01st January 2023


Oliwia Korzeniowska, UK

"I am so genuinely grateful for the experience that Nikolaos has allowed me to have, because it was genuinely life changing in so many ways. He has showed me that the life I've always dreamed of, is truly possible and I never imagined that I'd see the day where I'd feel as much happiness and peace, as I have felt at Fruitarian Eutopia. 

His goal was to create a home for himself, but Nikolaos has also created a Sanctuary, a real Heaven on Earth, for others and I really am so so so grateful that he decided to share it. Thank you so much for everything once again. ❤️"

02nd April 2023


Roberto Crespo, GUATEMALA

"For me it was one of the most interesting experiences of my life. 
Niko is a very kind person. He is always ready to answer any questions about food 
about health, about anything according to his experience. He doesnt want to convince you. 
He only shows you what works for him. You can take it or not, that's all. It was great!"

07th February 2023


Jade Ferguson, USA

My name is Jade and I stayed at Fruitarian Eutopia from the end of January 2023 to mid May 2023. I stayed both in a room and in a tent for some time. For years I had envisioned a place like this in the tropics where I felt the following feelings : comfortable , harmonious,  balanced, peaceful, healthy, safe, loving, connected, and supported. I feel very content that I decided to travel and stay at Fruitarian Eutopia. I experienced that many of my needs were met and not only were they met, they were met with strategies that in my opinion were healing and pure for my health as a whole (mental, physical, and emotional). When I arrived I was feeling less than optimal yet hopeful for this opportunity to connect with other fruitarians. When I left I felt more peaceful, uplifted, stronger,  more confident, and more healthy. I am so thankful that I decided to use my own critical thinking while also using my ears for listening and leave my brain and heart not completely full. Leaving room for improvement,  different perspectives, and room to listen and absorb if chosen to others wisdom and insight gained through their many years of fruitarian experience is something I am so thankful I chose to do. Before arriving, I was feeling cloudy and overwhelmed by all the different perspectives and advice on how to live this and similar lifestyles online and in the media. Leaving FE , my need for clarity, truth, and simplicity has and continues to be met as I continue applying what I have learned. My need for authenticity and friendship in a community setting was met as I experienced living with a raw fruitarian who stays beautifully disciplined in his morals and lifestyle every day. I feel excited that I left Fruitarian Eutopia with more than I had ever imagined . I was introduced to the philosophy of Nonviolent Communication , and reintroduced to the circadian rhythm and OMAD (one meal a day) and this time, I was introduced to it by someone who actually follows this rhythm and I believe both the introduction to Nonviolent Communication and reintroduction to the circadian rhythm has changed my life in a positive , life giving way. I hope that others , only those who truly believe in the core values of Fruitarian Eutopia , consider this Eutopia for their healing retreat, or long term stay, and to take the necessary step towards it with faith , fearlessness, and strength. 

Love, Jade.

29th November 2023


Zinn Bordeaux, USA

My experience at Fruitarian Utopia was beneficial to my personal dietary goals. I ate so many different varieties of fruits I’ve never eaten before and had a taste of the raw power of fresh picked, land grown, whole fruit. I left with a new found sense of confidence in myself, thank you Fruitarian Utopia for bringing about an unforgettable inner change.

26th May 2024

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