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What is required?

During your stay, it is required to:

Eat a raw, unprocessed, whole, fruitarian diet (no use of blenders, juicers, freezers, dehydrators, stoves), abstain from any use of psychoactive substances, abstain from sexual activity & interaction, not use any cosmetics & body cleaning products (maybe only a soap), to use honest clear non violent communication as much as possible & practical, to respect our core values, volunteer the agreed hours or pay the agreed rent, no loud electric or electronic music, no pets, to use dry compost toilet, to rest after 21.oo & wake up around 06,00, to participate partly or fully to the indicative 24hour schedule of health promoting activities, to be responsible for your own health & cleanliness, if bitten by snake or very poisonous spider or have an accident or medical emergency to be transferred willingly to the local emergency hospital to receive care, to preserve the items & building structures of the center avoiding damages & excess wear & tear to them.

Thank you for you cooperation!

Last updated on December 28, 2022

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