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What to expect?

During your stay, you can expect the following:

A tropical place with mild warm temperature, stable sunset/sunrise times all year round, plenty of sun & rain, abundance of bananas & papayas & other tropical fruits, Amazon unique fruits, vegan & fruitarian ideals, to experience the raw fruitarian diet & natural lifestyle, to be exposed to natural nudity, to be bitten by gnats (noseeums) & some mosquitos, 850m elevation of fresh air, quiet environment, natural water streams & waterfalls, to meet like minded vegans, raw vegans, frugivores & fruitarians, grid electricity and internet access, a room with bed,mattress,desk & storage space, a nearby town & hospital access, minimal lifestyle in nature, not sexual activity at the premises, no pets, available naturopathic practices, a 24 hour schedule with health promoting activities, connection & discussion time, options to buy a piece of land nearby, 3 plant based / vegan communities in close proximity. The center is structured to hold maximum 6-7 residents at a time. If more socialisation is desired there is the Terra Frutis community (7 min walk), Evolution Ecovillage (20 min walk) & Fruithaven Ecovillage (2o+ kilometers drive) nearby.

Last updated on December 28, 2022

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