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Fruitarian Diet

(raw, whole, unprocessed)

Fruit Picking

Fruitarian diet is usually a biological/philosophical & healthy choice.  Fruit is the mature ovary of the plant that contains its seed. Most fruits contain an edible fleshy part around the seed. This fleshy part has strong aroma, colour & taste to "attract" birds & mammals to serve as food for them. In return dispersion of the seed happens as part of a mutual and symbiotic exchange.. 

Based on the above biological process a fruitarian diet consists of fruits that contain this edible fleshy part on full ripeness. This ripe edible flesh has as primary biological role to serve as food for animals. Eating only the edible flesh and dispersing the seed, it promotes & respects the phenomenon of life.

It acknowledges the primary biological role of the seed (alive dormant embryo) which is ready to become a future plant. the role of the roots & tubers that is for nutrient absorption & energy storage for the plant, the role of the trunks and stems that is for stability and nutrient transportation, the role of the green leaves that is for photosynthesis/energy generation & the role of the flowers that is for conception & procreation of the plant. All the above plant structures as they do not have as primary role to serve as food to animals, they contain toxic chemicals & antinutrients in their raw state to avoid being eaten.

A fruitarian diet is a healthy choice as the ripe fleshy part contains the least amount of toxins, while it contains nutritional elements & water.

It includes the edible ripe flesh of (+)

- Carby fruits: banana, fig, apple, mango, jackfruit, durian etc

- Fatty fruits: olive, avocado, aguage etc

- "Vegetable" fruits: tomato, cucumber, courgette, squash etc
- Water

It excludes (-)
Nuts & seeds (including coconuts), cereal grains, pulses, roots, tubers, leaves, barks, flowers, sprouts, mushrooms/fungi,  algae/seaweed, animal flesh & secretions (inc honey). seafood, insects, worms, Excludes also salt, spices & herbs etc.

When it is a whole, raw, unprocessed it also excludes: dehydrated fruits,  (unless tree ripened and mild sundried on the tree), cooked/burned fruit, blended & frozen fruits (smoothies & nice creams) & juices through juicers (*unless bare hand pressed & occasional),

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