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Natural Laws


The following is an extract of the book

Topsy Turvy World. by Mango Wodzak, ISBN: 978-1-71655-455-1
summarising various "natural laws" 

-1. Understand that we are a frugivorous species and eat a species
specific diet:
- Don’t eat anyone’s murdered remains!
- Don’t steal another baby’s milk.
- Be respectful, leave bird’s eggs alone!
- Stop paying for the abuse and exploitation of fellow earthlings.
- Let the bee be & don’t steal their food (Honey)
- Don’t set fire to your food! (or eat any food that has been heat treated {cooked] or dehydrated).
- Eat your food as it is offered by mother nature.
- Don’t habitually over eat or under eat.
- Don’t eat anything which doesn’t taste nice.

2. Avoid drugs especially commercially available recreational
ones, like alcohol and cigarettes! - and most especially
anything brewed in an RV or in a laboratory.

3. Avoid chemicals – Especially ones that are habitually put on or
in one’s body. (Think soaps, shampoos, detergents,
conditioners, medicines, laboratory concocted food ingredients,
e-numbers, makeup, fake tans etc!)

4. No cosmetic surgery. No botox, no breast implants, no liposuction,

no lip puffing etc.

5. Stay hydrated.

6. Seek loving, stress free environments. For both your home and

7. Bathe or shower regularly. Cold, natural water is best.

8. Don’t intentionally harm your skin by puncturing, piercing or
engraving upon it (tatoos). The skin is a major elimination organ, and

as important as all other body parts!

9. Move! Be mindful of your body.

10. Don’t overwork or over exert yourself.

11. Find time for play.

12. Breathe! And do what you can to make sure the air is as pure as
you can get! (regular controlled, conscious breathing is
definitely beneficial!)

13. When possible walk, or take the bike instead of the car!

14. Find time to chill out.

15. Sleep, and let yourself do so uninterruptedly.

16. Avoid loud noises. Think heavy machinery, loud music

17. Limit computer screen time as much as possible. (best would
be none at all!).

18. Don’t wear restrictive clothing. Make sure your clothes are from natural materials (especially if they are worn next to the skin!).

19. Get plenty of outdoor time, contemplate and commune with the

20. Expose your body to the sunlight, preferably all of it, on a regular basis.

21. Walk barefoot as much as you can.
- Especially, don’t wear heels!
- Permanent foot-zone therapy is a regular part of every
footed specie’s health maintenance! 
- Seriously consider composting your shoes!

22. Stretch your body regularly. Stretch your limbs, stretch your
eyes, stretch your mind. (A daily yoga routine even if short, is
a great way to accomplish this).

23. Don’t take unnecessary risks especially ones which have the
potential to harm. (potential for self-harm, or harm to another).
Be careful!

24. Be aware of the very real presence of addiction, and do your best to consciously avoid all forms. (21st century living is full
of addictive elements, the most dangerous being drugs and
wrong foods, but also can be TV, gaming, social media, gambling, pursuing money beyond what one really needs.)

25. Don’t let the pursuit of material and financial gains steal and
steer your life.

26. Avoid prolonged exposure to both extreme heat and extreme

27. Make yourself comfortable, keep yourself warm, dry and safe,
but don’t entirely avoid stepping out of your comfort zone.

28. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

29. Hug (vitamin H), laugh, love forgive. Don’t hold grudges.

30. Give thanks and count your blessings!

31. Live, love and grow! Be aware of your flaws and work constantly toward becoming a better version of yourself.

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