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Platonic Friendships & Procreation

Enjoying Outdoors
Happy Family

Platonic friendships are highly encouraged. Warm deep connections, cooperation, support, equality, respect, individuality, autonomy & personal boundaries are valued.

The main primary role of the sexual/reproductive organs biologically, is for conception & procreation. Sexual & romantic interactions are encouraged, when there is clear intention for  immediate conception & procreation.

When the focus becomes the pleasure, the recreation & the bonding aspects of the sexual act instead of procreation (the main biological purpose) imbalances can arise on mental, emotional & physical state of humans.

Platonic friendships & procreation consciousness, we believe they can be supportive on the long term fruitarian lifestyle. Nutrients, hormones & sexual fluids can be retained & recycled within the body. The cross exchange of body fluids microbiomes, cross immune reactions & infections can be prevented. Also the nervous system' hyperstimulation, followed by fatigue (post-orgasmic illness syndrome) can be avoided.

While someone stays at Fruitarian Eutopia we require abstinence of sexual/romantic/amorous interactions. Platonic connections are encouraged among the residents during their stay.

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